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Few galas are as glamorous as Save Venice’s annual fête. The charity event led by maestra Lauren Santo Domingo aims to protect the art, architecture, and heritage of Italy’s famed city of love. Silk long sleeve dress Each year its attendees raise millions to preserve paintings by old masters, Venetian churches, and the legacy of one of the world’s cultural capitals. The celebrations also make for a star-studded evening out, and this weekend New York’s society set took over Casa Cipriani for a night on the town. Puff long sleeve dress There, alongside names like Sienna Miller, Alex Rodriguez, and Nicky Hilton, Gossip Girl star Anna Van Patten attended for the first time.

Joined by her mother, Wendy Rossmeyer Van Patten, the pair enjoyed an incredibly chic family night. Beige formal dress Dressed in sleek minimalist pieces created for them by Lafayette 148 designer Emily Smith, they offered a multi-generational perspective on gala dressing. More than that, they had a fun mother-daughter moment at one of the most elegant events on the social calendar.

Below, Anna shares a diary of her and her mom’s Save Venice experience, from getting ready at their uptown abode to posing on the night’s key set-piece, a larger-than-life The Birth of Venus inspired, crystal-covered clamshell.

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