Long sleeve navy dress

When it comes to turning a look, Rihanna gives the supermodels a run for their money. The multi-talented star has never met an outfit she can’t pull off or a camera that doesn’t yield to her charms, all of which makes her a welcome presence on the cover of Vogue. Long sleeve navy dress This time (her seventh!), Rihanna took her much-discussed maternity style to the next level by posing for Annie Leibovitz in a suite at The Ritz. One of the few who could make leaning on a Paris balcony in a floor-length Marc Jacobs coat and Savage X Fenty briefs seem like a reasonable proposition. Velvet formal dress Rihanna makes the epic runway looks selected by stylists Alex Harrington and Jahleel Weaver seem like a second-skin.

Though the final images have all the grandeur and glamour one expects from a Leibovitz story, the mood behind the scenes was cozy and convivial. A reunion between creative collaborators, the shoot allowed Rihanna the chance to reconnect with old pals, experiment with the latest collections, and—most importantly—talk about all things baby. In her third trimester and having a blast, she’s ready for all motherhood entails. Sage green formal dress  “I’m excited by the challenge and accepting of it,” Rihanna shared on set. “I’ve surrendered to my journey, and I’m enjoying it. [My mother] is super excited to be a grandma.”

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